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Used Semiconductor Equipment - How CMTec is Taking the Lead

CMTec is a thriving used semiconductor equipment company. They are not only celebrating 20 years of excellence but also a business concept that fulfills the needs of high-tech manufacturers from startups to enterprise level operations. CMTec Founder and Owner, Bruno Truttman, launched the company in Switzerland in 1998. Bruno has been involved in the semiconductor equipment business for over 40 years, working 10 years for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ESEC before taking his vision to new heights to create CMTec.


CMTec started as a European-based representative for American and Asian equipment companies. However, within two short years, Bruno and his team recognized that a full-service used semiconductor manufacturing equipment operation would be much more beneficial to the industry. Laughingly considered “scrap dealers,” the company was nonetheless pleased to serve a very important need in the semiconductor industry during a recession. Little did the team know they would grow their company and reputation over the next twenty years to that of a highly valued equipment partner.


  • Used Wedge Bonder

    While semiconductor manufacturing companies small and large are often in the market for the speed and flexibility of an ESEC wire bonder, Datacon die bonder, K&S wire bonder or Hesse Mechatronics machine, buying new is sometimes not an option. CMTec realized they had a market for used semiconductor equipment. They filled a niche to supply both startups that could not justify buying new, and larger enterprises that didn’t want to replace their end-of-life machines with expensive new equipment. CMTec also realized that both small and large companies have something in common. They both want quality machines, excellent technical and applications support, in addition to readily available spare parts. CMTec’s philosophy makes it possible. “We are no longer considered the scrap dealers,” said Bruno. “High-tech businesses in the semiconductor industry accept our refurbished semiconductor equipment and full service approach as golden.” The company has become a highly valued manufacturing partner with many repeat customers.

  • Used Wedge Bonder

    For larger companies, new equipment is generally purchased for a particular product lifecycle. At the end of that lifecycle, manufacturers really don’t want to invest in new equipment to bring that product to its end of life. Sometimes the equipment is not even available except on the secondary equipment market. CMTec saw they could offer a solution and economically fulfill this need. As an example, U.S. Government projects (like many industrial products) are designed based on approved parts, qualifications, and production equipment. These parts, and the equipment used to produce them, cannot be modified, and manufacturers cannot always find the OEM machines needed to meet these specifications. The automotive industry is another good example—once a piece of equipment is qualified for production, it cannot be changed. CMTec is the perfect solution to fulfill this type of need, taking the surplus semiconductor equipment business to a whole new level.


CMTec’s philosophy is to offer a complete package when it comes to refurbished semiconductor equipment. The company is more than a buyer and reseller and is far from a middleman—they own and inventory everything they sell. CMTec is a focused service company involved at every level: refurbishing, installation, training, sales and service, troubleshooting and support, spare parts, warranties, and more. Most CMTec competitors offer “as is” equipment without these benefits or the availability of a service engineer a phone call away.

While superficial online brokers design extravagant websites to attract those in the market for used semiconductor equipment, many of these go-betweens never actually own the equipment, and they cannot deliver the service and support essential to customers purchasing secondary equipment. Too many brokers copy equipment information from any source they can find, lure uninformed buyers and pretend the equipment is their own. “We actually encountered a situation where a broker offered us our own equipment!” Bruno shared.

CMTec stands behind its philosophy of owning the equipment, serving as application consultants and providing top notch support, seeking out and supporting the best buyers and sellers in the industry and dealing only with leading brands they can fully support.


  • Used Wedge Bonder

    CMTec buys surplus semiconductor equipment from manufacturers and sells directly to customers. They do not sell on behalf of an owner like some OEMs and competitors. There is no middle man, and clients enjoy the monetary benefits along will full service before and after the sale including spare parts, trade-in opportunities, and the company’s willingness to re-purchase a piece of equipment they sold.

    At CMTec, the team searches for sought-after brands and models of equipment. The company buys worldwide, refurbishes machines in house and sells them with full application support, available spares and service, and even warranties. The company measures success through repeat business—and is most satisfied when a customer comes back for another machine just like the last one they purchased.

    CMTec customers often credit tremendous growth because of superior, low-cost equipment and exceptional support. The company takes pride in the role they play in enabling high-tech companies to build their own high quality, reliable products.


When it comes to selling surplus equipment, companies benefit from the CMTec business model. Since they are dealing with industry experts, the equipment owner is paid a fair price in a very short time period, and they get the equipment off their hands quickly. With typical brokers, the seller may wait indefinitely for the equipment to sell while they are required to continue warehousing it. These consignment type deals often result in higher, unfair pricing.


The market for OEM equipment varies from year to year, whereas the surplus semiconductor equipment market remains steady and growing year after year. As more and more tech companies aim to fulfill customer needs, meet environmental footprints, and find great prices on legacy equipment, the future for used semiconductor equipment is positive. CMTec continues to fulfill customer needs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, keeping current as technology evolves and changes. OEMs are more focused on high-volume new manufacturing while CMTec can meet a unique need in the industry for used semiconductor equipm


Celebrating its 20-year anniversary, CMTec is excited to continually support a growing customer base with their well-proven and thoughtful philosophy in the used semiconductor equipment industry. CMTec is also in the business of giving back to the community, and go the extra mile with both technical and financial support to help startups, universities, and technical schools, to name a few. Bruno said, “We’ll get them the equipment they need, whatever it takes. Sometimes it involves a loss on our part to help them get going.”

CM Tec Asia Pacific, under the direction of General Manager YT Ng, will relocate soon to a new facility. And just this year, the company hired Joseph S. Bubel, President and General Manager to lead efforts for secondary semiconductor equipment throughout North and South America. In his previous industry role, Mr. Bubel led the growth of a well-known equipment brand in the Americas.

Today, CMTec has evolved to become a leader in the purchase and re-sale of high-end refurbished semiconductor equipment brands—a leader that offers a level of service and support hard to find among its competitors. Congratulations, CMTec!

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CMTec Milestones

CMTec Launch as New Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Representative

CMTec Diversifies Into Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market

Industry Downturn Recognized as Opportunity

Company Continues to Grow and Expand

Founded CMTec Asia Pacific

Founded CMTec North America

Company Continues to Expand to Meet Demand for Secondhand Semiconductor Equipment 

Going Above & Beyond for Used Semiconductor Equipment Customers

Rochester Electronics recently purchased a used Dage pull & shear tester and an August Technologies wafer inspection system from CMTec. Taking pride in their impeccable production facility, Rochester Electronics management noted that the wafer inspection system did not aesthetically match existing machines. CMTec promptly replaced the skins to match.

“They went above and beyond,” said Steve Shermer, Assembly Business Development Manager. “CMTec directly handled some software support issues for us as well. They provide the best used equipment experience you can have—since they own the equipment and provide all the customer service you need."

"I have observed first-hand at other companies where used equipment was purchased sight unseen. With no recourse when things went wrong, the OEM was needed to get the equipment up and running with significant cost and added time delay.  Also, something as simple as packing the equipment correctly for shipment can make all the difference in the world. CMTec pays attention to these details."

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest continuous source of semiconductors, and provides a full range of manufacturing services and solutions.