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About us

CMTec is a worldwide semiconductor equipment solutions company that helps electronics manufacturers minimize their risk when investing in used semiconductor equipment. We buy and refurbish surplus bonders, inspection systems, dicing systems, testers and more. We sell our equipment at a fair price, and offer quality technical support, service, spare parts and warranties customers normally expect from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Some of the equipment we specialize in includes ESEC Die Bonder (manual/automatic), Soft Solder Die Bonder, ESEC and Kulicke & Soffa (KnS) Wire Bonder, Siemens and F&K Delvotec Multichip Die Bonder, Wedge Bonder (manual/automatic), Ball Bonder (manual/automatic), Hybrid Ball Bonder, Hybrid Wedge Bonder, Wafer Defect Inspection (Rudolph, August), Temperature Test Oven, High Temperature Oven, Plasma Cleaner, Pull & Shear Tester, Dispenser. In addition to the second hand fully refurbished assembly equipment we also offer services, specific sub-modules and spare parts for brands like BESI (ESEC, Datacon), Kulicke & Soffa (KnS), F&K Delvotec. It also might be interesting to know that we offer repair / exchange service for a number of brands like BESI (ESEC, Datacon), Datacon, Kulicke & Soffa, Hesse & Knipps, F&K Delvotec, Orthodyne, ASM, Dage and others.