Datacon 2200 apm plus (Code: 240)

Datacon 2200 apm plus
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Datacon 2200 apm plus Datacon 2200 apm plus Datacon 2200 apm plus Datacon 2200 apm plus Datacon 2200 apm plus

The Datacon 2200 apm plus provides flexibility with minimum space requirements, enabling high-precision die attach and flip chip assembly on the same module with quick conversion times and optimum operator control. Up to 4 modules can be run inline by a single operator, multiplying throughput with parallel processing or enabling complex multi-chip applications in a single cycle.

Used Datacon 2200 apm plus Accuracy

Used Datacon 2200 apm+ for saleThis second-hand Datacon flip chip bonder / die bonder handles 0.17 mm up to 25 mm (optional up to 35 mm) dies with a placement accuracy of 10µm@3s...

  • Precision X, Y and Z axis linear drives
  • Theta axis servomotor
  • Automatic temperature-drift compensation
  • High-resolution camera systems
  • Advanced image-processing software

Second-hand Datacon Flip Chip Bonder capability

The Datacon 2200 apm plus is fully flip chip compatible - handling the steps in this process with ease. The complete flip chip processflip the component by 180°, cover it in the dipping unit, position the componentcan be processed in just one module.

Multi-chip Modules

This Datacon 2200 apm plus comes standard with features enabling multi-chip applications:

  • Automatic tool-changing system with six different pickup or stamping tools
  • Needle ejector system with five different needle kits
  • Automatic wafer-changing system that handles up to 25 different wafers

Wafer mapping

Wafer mapping enables built in quality processing of the die without any additional referencing or software routines required.

The Ultra Light Tool

The Ultra Light Tool (ULT) is enables precise handling and consistent spacing of die on warped substrates using low-viscosity adhesive. It handles substrate height variations up to 200µm and allows a bond line thickness (BLT) tolerance of just ± 5 µm.

Offline programming

With the Datacon 2200 apm plus, new programs are written and stored at an offline workstation. Finished programs are read into the machine or machine pool as needed, ensuring minimal downtime. Recurring work processes can be stored, eliminating the need to reprogram.

Importing CAD data is also very straightforward and can save upwards of 75% on programming time. Modular units such as the flip chip unit, gripper indexer, automatic transport system, wafer lift, dipping unit, stack loader, magazine handler and an additional Z-axis can be easily optimized for the application.

Simple operation

Even with its wide range of tools and setup options, learning to operate the Datacon 2200 apm plus is easy. Short training periods and minimal waste due to incorrect operation best support your bottom line.

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