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CMTec is a leading supplier of refurbished, used wedge bonders from the top manufacturers in the industry including Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), F&K Delvotec, and Hesse Mechatronics.

Used Wedge Bonders | Buy & Sell

Our fully refurbished wedge bonding equipment may be just what you need for your challenging wire bonding applications. Here are just a few we have currently available.

  • K&S 8090 Large Area Wedge Bonder: fast and accurate combining 5 wire per second speed, large bonding area and fine-pitch capability
  • K&S 8060 Gold, Aluminum and Copper Wedge Bonder: offers a broad array of material handling options
  • Hesse Mechatronics Bondjet BJ820 High Speed Fully Automatic Fine Wire Wedge Bonder
  • F&K Delvotec G5 64000 Fully Automatic All-in-one Wire bonder
  • K&S 4526 Manual Wedge Bonder

Used Wedge Bonders for Sale

We have dozens of machines in our current inventory; we will help you find the right machine for your requirements.

Browse our current inventory of refurbished wedge bonders HERE.

Do you have a used wedge bonder to sell?

We buy used semiconductor equipment outright, and offer you a fair price and quick turnaround.

Please CONTACT US at one of our three worldwide locations for assistance buying or selling used semiconductor equipment.

Why CMTec?

Used Semiconductor Equipment - How CMTec is Taking the Lead