Legacy Semiconductor Equipment Support

In addition to buying, refurbishing and selling legacy semiconductor equipment, CMTec serves your existing equipment support needs, regardless of where your purchased the equipment.

  • Growing Team of Expert Technicians
  • Support, Service and Spares
  • We treat you like gold!

Please see below for a list of equipment we are currently able to support. If you do not see your equipment on this list, please CONTACT US to discuss your needs - we may be able to assist you. 

Our supported equipment list is under development; we will be adding specific machine models.

Please CONTACT US for more information.

Equipment Type Original Equipment Manufacturers  Equipment Models
Bond Testers       Dage, XYZTEC, Royce  
Dicing Systems Advanced Dicing Technologies,
Disco, K&S
Die Bonders  ESEC, Datacon, BESI, ASM, Muhlbaurer, Tresky, MRSI  
Dispensers Asymtek  
Laser Scribers Loomis  

Heraeus, ESEC, Votsch, Blue M

Test Handlers 




Wafer Inspection Systems Rudolph (August), Camtek  
Wire Bonder, Ball Kulicke and Soffa, ESEC, ASM, Palomar, Shinkawa  
Wire Bonder, Wedge Hesse Mechatronics, Hesse & Knipps, Kulicke and Soffa, F&K Delvotec, Orthodyne  
Wire Bonder, Manual MPP, TPT, Kulicke and Soffa, F&K Delvotec  
X-Ray Inspection Dage, Nordson  

CMTec Launches New Legacy Semiconductor Equipment Support Division

Legacy Semiconductor Equipment Support

For over 20 years, CMTec has provided OEM-level support to Customers that rely on us for quality refurbished semiconductor equipment. We are now taking this support to the next level by making it available to legacy semiconductor equipment users regardless of where the equipment was purchased.

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new division within CMTec to address your legacy semiconductor equipment support requirements, including:

  • Installations, decommissioning, and equipment transfers
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance service calls
  • On-demand troubleshooting and repair calls
  • On-site support engineers (semi-annual and annual contracts)
  • Spare parts support as available

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Why CMTec for Used Semiconductor Equipment?

Here are the top 8 reasons to work with CMTec when you’re ready to buy or sell used semiconductor equipment:

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Used Semiconductor Equipment

Why you should NOT buy from a typical used equipment broker

Buying new semiconductor equipment is not always an option.

buying used semiconductor equipmentYour company may be a startup that cannot justify the cost of new equipment. Or, you may work for a large manufacturing company faced with product end of life challenges. You either do not want to invest in new equipment, or as is frequently the case with many government and industrial products, you cannot change the equipment in your production line once it is qualified.

So, you head to Google and start your search for a used wedge bonder, ball bonder or whatever piece of used semiconductor equipment you require.

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Used Wedge Bonders

CMTec is a leading supplier of refurbished, used wedge bonders from the top manufacturers in the industry including Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), F&K Delvotec, and Hesse Mechatronics.

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Used Semiconductor Equipment - How CMTec is Taking the Lead

CMTec is a thriving used semiconductor equipment company. They are not only celebrating 20 years of excellence but also a business concept that fulfills the needs of high-tech manufacturers from startups to enterprise level operations. CMTec Founder and Owner, Bruno Truttman, launched the company in Switzerland in 1998.

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