CMTec, your established and highly trusted broker with more than 20 years handling used semiconductor equipment. Some of the equipment we specialize in includes ESEC Die Bonder (manual/automatic), Soft Solder Die Bonder, ESEC and Kulicke & Soffa (KnS) Wire Bonder, Siemens and F&K Delvotec Multichip Die Bonder, Wedge Bonder (manual/automatic), Ball Bonder (manual/automatic), Hybrid Ball Bonder, Hybrid Wedge Bonder, Wafer Defect Inspection (Rudolph, August), Temperature Test Oven, High Temperature Oven, Plasma Cleaner, Pull & Shear Tester, Dispenser.

Beside the second hand fully refurbished assembly equipment we also offer services, specific sub-modules and spare parts for brands like BESI (ESEC, Datacon), Kulicke & Soffa (KnS), F&K Delvotec.

It also might be interesting to know that we offer repair / exchange service for a number of brands like BESI (ESEC, Datacon), Datacon, Kulicke & Soffa, Hesse & Knipps, F&K Delvotec, Orthodyne, ASM, Dage and others.